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Ultimate Privacy Slat

Price: $61.30
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Ultimate Slat Privacy Chain Link Fence Slat

The Ultimate Slat provides increased privacy for chain link fences. With the proven quality and durability of our standard slats plus four unique "wings" for extra screening and security. The Ultimate Slat is a top-lock fence slat for chain link fence. This slat provides more privacy than any other top locking slat on the market.

Click here for instructions for measuring the diamond size of a chain link fence.

Click here for a comparison chart and specifications for privacy slats.

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Specifications: Ultimate Fence Slat is manufactured 3" shorter than the overall height of the fence (e.g. 6 ft is 69" long). The wind load and privacy factor is approximately 98% for a 2" diamond and approximately 90% for a 2-1/4" diamond. Can be used for a 2-3/8" diamond but the privacy will not be as much. The slat width is approximately 1-7/16". A two inch diamond will provide better privacy than a 2-1/4" diamond chain link fence.

Coverage: Each bag contains 82 pieces. For a 2 inch diamond, each bag will cover approximately 10 linear feet of fence (depends on how tight your fence is stretched – the average chain link fence with a 2 inch diamond has 41 diamonds for every 10 linear feet of fence). The horizontal locking devices are included (3 pieces) and will be enough for ten feet of fence.

Warranty: Manufacturer's 25-year limited pro-rata warranty.

Installation: Insert the patented locking strip horizontally through the chain link fence (2nd diamond down from the top). Insert the Ultimate Slat vertically down through the chain link until the notch on the slat snaps itself into the locking strip. Three locking strips are included with each bag of fence slats for a total of ten feet.

Notes: Depending on your location and quantity ordered, there may be an extra shipping fee for eight foot and higher Ultimate Slats. If there is an extra fee, you will be contacted after your order is received.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence Notes: Installing the Ultimate Slat in some vinyl coated colored chain link fence may be more difficult to install depending on the diamond/mesh size, gauge of wire and how tight the fence is stretched. When sliding the slat down into the chain link fence, the wing portion on the slat may cause friction against the vinyl coated chain link fence making it difficult to insert. We have had hundreds of customers install this slat with vinyl coated chain link fence without a problem, but there have been a few who could not get the slat to insert.

Made in the USA:
Be aware of some non-USA made fence slats that may fade and discolor. Our slats made of virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) are made in the USA and have UV inhibitors (UV resistant color concentrates) to add color protection and guard against cracking, chalking, and fading in the sunlight.

Durability: Our slats are also resistant to severe weather conditions, salt water, sand, road dirt, most acids, alcohol, alkaline, ammonia, petroleum distillates, and common environmental pollutants. 

End view of the Ultimate Privacy Slat End view of the Ultimate Slat

Customer comments:

Love the Ultimate slats! Easy to install and look great. Thank you, M. Summers

Thank you for such a great product, I'm very satisfy, easy to install and economical solution for privacy compare to chainlink fence replacement. Regards, C. Greige

Very easy to install. Was used to hide the unsightly tanks seen from the front yard and road. Dan R.

Ultimate Slat for Chain Link Fence

Ultimate Slat with Gate

We love the Ultimate Fence Slats.  They were so easy to install and have just about completely blocked out the view of our neighbors collection of odds and ends.

We are attaching a before and after picture.  The fence slats not only gave us privacy but also makes the yard appear larger.  Thank you so much for carrying these slats.

Mike and Jean

Ulitmate Slat Before Instllation Before Ultimate Slats Installation

Ulitmate Slat After Instllation After Ultimate Slat Installation

Ultimate Slat Locking Device Ultimate Slat shown with the locking device (above picture). The locking device is installed horizontally into the top section of the fence - 2nd diamond down from the top. The slats are inserted vertically down into the fence until the notch on the slat snaps itself into the locking strip.

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

The best slat

Review by Amber on 3/18/2021

This was the best slat for my fence. It gives the most privacy for my size mesh. I would recommend this slat

Ultimate Slats great value!

Review by Eloise on 2/3/2021

My neighbor tore down a beautiful hedge growing on our joint chain link fence and then put up bamboo roll-out screening on her side. When her dogs tore it down, she refused to replace it, leaving no privacy between our property. I ordered Ultimate slats to fill the void. They were easy to install, even in this older fencing, and do a great job of blocking the view--much better than the regular slats I see in other people's fences. They have been in place for several years now without issues. I'm ordering more for the rest of the fencing the neighbor just exposed. I definitely recommend these slats.

Excellent Privacy

Review by Guy on 1/28/2021

Blocked my neighbors messy yard. Now I can sit on my back porch and feel like I own my yard again. Should have done this sooner.

Perfect privacy for my fence.

Review by Sal on 1/25/2021

Perfect privacy for my fence. I was required to put some privacy along the side of the road. I found these privacy slats and I was surprised how good they look. My fence was 6 foot high and they look so good. I wish I had done this sooner. I love the Ultimate Slats.

Good privacy

Review by Curtis on 1/18/2021

I have ordered a few different slats and this Ultimate slat is the best for privacy. Fairly easy to install. A little more expensive but privacy comes with a price. I like the four wings for added privacy. Good fence slat.

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